October 3, 2011
Madonna To Perform At Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show | SBNation

I forsee another wardrobe malfunction!


SB Nation is citing sources close to the production. Madonna has never performed the Super Bowl half time show before. 

September 15, 2011
Gimme the Sweet Stuff

Wherein I could not, would not make a choice and it would take you and a slew of Dr. Seuss characters to make me.

Cake and, yes, Pie.JPG

I love desserts. I come from a family of dessert lovers. Nana’s coconut cake and fruit salad, Aunt Dorothy’s pineapple upsidedown cake, and Mama’s pumpkin pie were staples of family get togethers and holidays.

Today, Thanksgiving or Christmas without my mother-in-law’s sweet potato bread would be devastating, and I still can’t function during the holidays without pumpkin AND apple pie.

I have such wonderful, comforting memories with cake AND pie that I’d never be able to choose a favorite. What I eat depends on what I’m in the mood for, where I am, what season it is, and what’s available to me at the time it’s to be consumed. Which reminds me, there’s a key lime tart in the fridge. Well, gotta bounce!

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July 19, 2011
Moore or Less?

Wherein I discuss how Nathaniel Hawthorne rolls over in his grave every time someone watches The Scarlett Letter with Demi Moore and Gary Oldman.

Nathaniel Hawthorne

The first movie I ever saw that was adapted from a book was the 1995 adaptation of The Scarlet Letter starring Demi Moore and Gary Oldman. I left the movie theatre completely disgusted—and not just because Gary Oldman is the ugliest man alive.

I adored that book. ADORED IT. How could anyone dare rewrite such a perfect story? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Especially if, by “fix”, you mean “completely ruin”. It was so ridiculously horrible that it won a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Remake or Sequel and was nominated for Worst Actress, Worst Director, Worst Picture, Worst Screen Couple (Which one? They were both TERRIBLE.), Worst Screenplay and Worst Supporting Actor.

I have spent my entire life scoffing at movies adapted from novels and Demi Moore, Robert Duvall, and Gary Oldham are to blame. The only silver lining in my “Books Made into Movies are Shite” cloud is that no book adaptation will ever be that bad. EVER.

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July 14, 2011

A short little post on the sound of waves.

Best summertime sound? Waves. Before our vacation this summer, I thought there was no way that the sound of a lake could possibly be as soothing as the ocean. I was wrong. Very, very wrong.

We spent a week on Cross Lake in Cato, NY. Just listening to the waves lap up on the shore and hit the docks was enough to make me want to move there (although I’d die of hypothermia in winter because there is no heat or insulation at camp). The waves on the lake were much more subtle, but it was just enough that you could hear them in the background all the time. It was the perfect soundtrack to my summer, and I can’t wait to hear them again next year.

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July 13, 2011
Zumba: It’s Air Conditioned

Wherein I discuss my love of zumba.

Zumba crowd

I live in the South. We have about 6 weeks a year when it is actually bearable to be outdoors. It’s either ridiculously hot or just plain cold. Humidity is a horrible thing in the summer as well as the winter.

About a year ago, the woman who owns the dance studio in our little hamlet started a zumba class. I had seen the infomercial (all those high energy, really skinny, toned and tanned ladies and gentlemen making it look really simple) and was pretty skeptical. I mean, I hadn’t ever exercised like that in my life. I was a smoker, a drinker, an eater of really fatty, fried foods; in other words, I generally loved living my completely unhealthy lifestyle.

I was hooked after the first class. It was actually fun. I got to hang out in a room with a bunch of women who I adore (colorful, eclectic group, those ladies) and dance to popular music that I love. It took a few classes to get the routine down, but after that it was smooth sailing (unless you count the fact that I could barely breathe after it was over).

Once I quit smoking and learned that not eating crap and drinking Cherry Cokes all day before class was a terrible idea, it just got easier. And I loved it even more.

I fractured my foot recently and haven’t been able to attend in a few weeks, but I’m aching to get back to the fun. I hear my instructor has added a few new songs and I’m excited to learn them. I never thought I would enjoy exercise as much as I enjoy zumba.

And the best part? I get to exercise in AIR CONDITIONING in the months when the heat index is 115. That alone it worth the cost of the class. If you live in the South, you know how wonderful that is.

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June 22, 2011
True Blood

I am DYING for season 4 of True Blood.  And I can’t wait to get HBO GO so I can watch episode 2 right after episode 1 airs! 

June 21, 2011
New Cigarette Labels from the FDA Released Today

June 20, 2011
Well, Hello There Tumblr.

Haven’t logged into you in ages.  What have YOU been doing?

August 15, 2010
This is for @brilliantone, who says she’s not afraid of snakes.  How bout…now? ;)

This is for @brilliantone, who says she’s not afraid of snakes.  How bout…now? ;)

August 1, 2010
Happy Sunday!!!

Happy Sunday!!!

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